czwartek, 1 kwietnia 2010

Silver pearls with hint of summer

                  Tapioca pearls are so funny. Light, clear, playing with sunlight when you look at them under a sun. 
It has amazing texture of something between jelly and pudding. It is great for all kind of sweet dish, coz it takes taste of things you use and broad to another level. Sweet, spicy, savor - add what you want. I tried Mango version before - it was pure summer in a jar. But now i tried something even simpler.

Tapioca pudding with pink jelly foam:

50 grams of tapioca pudding
100ml of coconut milk
100ml of cow milk 
1 and 1/2 tablespoon of vanilla sugar ( great if you, as I, has real vanilla sugar )
ready-to-make jelly powder in any flavor you like ( mine was raspberry )

Take a pan with thicker bottom. Put your tapioca pearls inside and pour milk on them. Cook on small hit for about 20 minutes. Well you must see that your tapioca becoming clearer and clearer, and your milk-pearls mixture becoming thicker.Remember to stir it from time to time. Take it form the hit and put in some nice jars, bawls or whatever. Cool down and put in fridge.
Now make your jelly exactly base by instruction from its package. Cool until it almost done ( but not until it 100% hard ) and mix it with blender until it become foam-y. Put your foam-jelly on your tapioca pudding. Serve and enjoy summer :D

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