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White kisses - Steamed teatime one-bite cakes

Another day I was thinking about a lovely idea of tea time. It's so old-fashioned and so not-trendy idea. 
When I was younger I loved reading Henry James's or Bronte Sister's  books. Especially those where woman and man relationships were very complicated and everything was unspoken. Characters were just sitting in a room, drinking tea or coffee and not talk about that. It was something that was in the air. In the air of afternoon tea - they were struggling over a bite-size sweet cakes and small sandwiches with cucumber.

White Kisses

100 gram of cottage cheese or hard ricotta
60 gram of rice flour
4-5 tablespoon of coconut milk (if you can find coconut cream use that!)
5-6 tablespoons of caster sugar
1 egg white 
pinch of salt 

optional - filling made from sweet Azuki bean*

Mix your cheese with sugar and salt until it will be smooth. Now spoon by spoon add flour until you get kind of runny cake mixture (amount of flour deepens on what kind of cheese you will use). Beat egg white until it will be stiff and add to a mixture, spoon by spoon. Mix gently. Using teaspoon place cake mixture inside buttered small, paper muffin cups (mine were about 2 inches one). 
Now time for steaming. Use your favorite method - i use chinese, bamboo steamer. Steam for about 7-10 minutes until it will rise a little. You can also made those with filling. Just place one teaspoon of cake on a bottom, drop some amount of filling and end with one teaspoon of cake. 
You can serve them with lavender honey.

* for sweet Azuki bean filling - boil your Azuki until it will be very soft. Made a Azuki puree and mix with preferred amount of sugar ( it must be pretty sweet ) 

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