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Tuna Spread with Walnuts

               There are moments in each person life when you feel little...fishy. You're unsure, feel dizzy and not like yourself. Everything is weird and you wonder why. To be honest - i have no idea what to do with this feeling, but I have fish-inspired solution for you. The simplest Tuna spread.
I love spreads. Sweet, salty, hot, cold - I am sure that anything you would think of, I have made one day.
This time is was empty-fringe situation : i literally have nothing inside. Just two canned fish ( pink salmon and tuna ), two cottage cheeses and few things that are really not-worthy mentioning. 
Anyway - I came up with this recipe for bread spread. I made it many times, but this time I added crushed walnuts for some crunchy play for your teeth. 

Tuna Spread with walnuts:

1 can of tuna ( mine was 120g after draining it )
150 g cottage cheese 
50 grams of walnuts ( you can use also other nuts, but rather those spicy )
bunch of parsley
pinch of sea salt and pepper

In your blender mix your tuna and cottage cheese until you get quite smooth combination (i like mine not to be too runny, so it take me about 1 minute). Add some salt and pepper for taste. Chop the walnuts into really small pieces (you can also crush them with roller ) and add them into tuna mix. Do the same with your parsley. Mix well. Your done. This is my life-saver solution for empty fringe. Taste great with French toast and some good quality olive oil.

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