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Classic Antipasti my way - Stuffed Mushrooms with feta cheese

               Holiday season (Ester one) came and went. But I still have some thoughts about that I want to share. In most houses I know holiday dinner is a meat dinner. Ham, turkey, chicken - depends on what time of a year we have. But for someone who wants to cut off meat completely, or for meat-lover who just want to try something new, it's hard moment to find exciting dish to replace meat. Personally i always think abut cheese if i need to do that. We have so many wonderful kinds of cheeses that I almost forgot about meat. Cow's, goat's, sheep's. Hard, soft, cream, cottage. Smoked, fresh - whatever you like you could find in even a smallest grocery store. Yeah - writing it down make me really think that we are a world of cheeses. 
Anyway today I came up with this classic kind of antipasti - stuffed mushrooms - which could be either your main course or just a side dish. Or even a sneak, but in this case please,please remember about a tissue and do not wear your holiday best clothes. Grilled cheese situation.

Stuffed mushrooms with feta cheese:

4 big portobellos or 8 smaller white mushrooms
100 gram of feta cheese
variations : 1 cooked farm egg's yolk; 2 tablespoon of smoked peppers (or tomatoes if you like)
1 teaspoon of Dijon mustard ( you can always use your favorite kind - French or Russian )
1 teaspoon of cream cheese or thick cream
bunch of freshly chopped chives
pinch of black pepper and salt
olive oil for baking 

Preheat your oven to 180C/350F.
Prepare your mushrooms - take a dirt with paper towel ( since i usually do not wash mine ) and take a button and a skin off.
Mix feta cheese, mustard, cream cheese. Add chives and season it with a salt and black pepper. Now you can make few kinds of fillings: in small separate bowl mix few spoons of stuffing with egg yolk, in another with chopped pepper, in another with you tomatoes. Really there are unlimited options for it. You're almost done - just put your filling in a mushroom.
Take some baking pan and put some olive oil on a bottom. Place your stuffed babies and bake for about 15-20 minutes. You can serve it with some baby potatoes and some fresh lettuce salad. 
Even if anybody say that it's sooo 70s. - enjoy it. Just put your disco music on.

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  1. Fajny blog i fajne zdjęcia, będę odwiedzać :) Co do mięsnych świątecznych obiadów, to mogłabym się bez tego obyć i nawet miałam w planach małą odmianę, ale po uporaniu się z ciastami i chlebami uznałam, że jeszcze w tym roku zadowolę się mięsem, skoro ktoś je zrobi za mnie. Faszerowane grzyby na pewno są pyszne, aż dziwne, że nigdy w żądnej postaci ich nie zrobiłam.

  2. dziekuję :)

    Tak - święteczne zmęczenie i zamieszanie potrafi zniweczyć nawet najambitniejsze plany ;)