środa, 14 kwietnia 2010

French Fries? You wish.

Well, not after this post.
People, in general, loves unhealthy finger foods. We love snacking, eating while reading good book, watching great movie, gather on sofa watching fine match. So the idea of food, small enough to eat it with your finger and with one bite, is not new. Even ancient Rome was full of this and they go even farther eating while laying.
It doesn't require any plates, any spoon or fork, just take one hand, add tissue and you're ready.
And when I think about it, it's nothing more popular and pan-cultural than fries. They are EVERYWHERE. You can eat it with mayo, dab of ketchup, mustard, BBQ sauce, pinch of seasoning, go classic with salt, make a twist with pepper, chilli or whatever you like. I've seen even people eating their dipped in chocolate or some sweet spread. You really can't go wrong with fries. But what if idea of McDonald ones push you away?And even idea of those home, twice fried. Too greasy? Too heavy?

Baked parsley root French Fries

2-3 large parsley root (yes, you can also use parsnip or sweet potatoes, carrots)
2-3 tablespoon of olive oil
pepper, salt or any seasoning you love

Preheat your oven 320F/160C
Take a baking shit and spray with olive oil. Prepare your veggies - boil in chicken or vegetable stock until it gets little soft (on level you could cut it quite easily, but it could be boiled completely). Cut it into thin fries (julliene if you use specific kitchen names), place in bowl and dab with rest of olive oil, salt. Season it with pepper and any herbs you like. I use manly pepper, salt and some dried basil flakes. Bake until it turns golden brown, take from baking shit. You can easily serve it cooled down ( to be honest I prefer them cool - they're like chips) with some great spread - cheese or pepper. Play with it. 

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