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I'm going bananas, B-A-N-A-N-A-S! Chocolate-black currant trifle with bananas sponge biscuit

                 I was feeling like going bananas yesterday. And it's not coz I did this amazing dessert using bananas sponge biscuits. No, it's because yesterday were my birthday and, like it or not, it did came along with presents.
Some birthday present are unexpected. Some are good, some...well, not so much. One day you can receive something very uncommon, from someone that you almost forget about. It's weird. You hold a present and think : "what should I do about it?". Decisions, decisions, decisions - it seems like human life is based on that, and what worst, is the fact that usually those are not reversible. If you choose one way - you can't make it back. And this is real reason why I could feel little bananas.
It's not any near to classic trifle but it's my party and I'll cry if I want to...or I should say - mess with recipe if I want to? Anyway ...

Chocolate-black currant trifle

16 small banana sponge biscuits ( mine were about 3 cm srednica )
1 cup of strong espresso ( if it's too strong for you - use chocolate drink or heated chocolate-milk )
50 gram of dark chocolate (plus some sugar if you want, i do not used any sugar - i like dark taste)
1 egg yolk
120 ml of heavy cream
4 tablespoon of black-currant jam

Prepare 2 tins or small 150 ml cups.
Make your espresso (or chocolate drink or heat your chocolate milk). And cool down a little - it must be still little worm but not hot!
On pan fry a little your jam to get it more runny. Turn the heat off.
Melt chocolate in a heatproof bowl over a high saucepan of boiling water (on small heat). Take off from the heat. In a big cup using electric blender whip egg yolk and heavy cream until it get little mousse-y. Pour slowly melted chocolate and using blender mix until you get nice light mousse.
Now take your biscuits and deep them in espresso (or chocolate). Be careful not to hold them too long, coz you will ended up wil bananas-biscuit-espresso mess. Chop them into big pieces.
Place one layer of biscuits, and one layer of chocolate mousse; now second layer of biscuits and second layer of mousse; last layer of biscuits and end with layer of current jam. Cool in fridge. You can serve it with nice spoon of banana ice-cream or cup of strong espresso.

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