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Poppy Seed Cookies

              In Poland people really fight until they blood over one, but very important issue - what is better : Christmas or Easter?
You might laugh, but we are talking not only about catholic traditions connected with each holiday, or people faith in God, who come back on earth etc., - no : at first place we talk about food.
Because food on holidays my dear friends is complicated - each family has its own tradition how to make holy grail of different holiday meal. That's why at this time in year you can hear discussion flaying over the streets, in buses, trams or any public building. People argue, people scream, people fight.
That's why my take on a traditional Poppy Seed Cake is risky for me. I may risk my life, and for what? For food.
I didn't make traditional Roll one or Cake with pastry. I went to, also traditional here and there, no crust Poppy Seed Cake. But to make it more modern and individual I make them in one-person size.

Poppy Seed Cookies with hazelnuts:
1 can (850 gram ) of ready Poppy Seed mixture ( I had mine from polish brand Bakalland )*
1 egg
2 tablespoon of white flour ( you can use also almond or nut flour for more nutty flavor )
2 big tablespoon of melted chocolate ( yep, this is not traditional as well )
50 gram ( or use how much you like ) of chopped roughly hazelnuts

Preheat your oven to 180C/350F.
Mix you canned Poppy Seed mixture with beated egg, flour, chocolate and hazelnuts. Yes this is it. It's really hard to believe how easy it is. Now take your cake tin - butter and flour it to avoid sticking to the form. Bake about 25-30 minutes, until it puff nicely and brown ( or should I say black? ) a little. Take from the oven and cool a little but not completely. If it still little warm you can easily cut cakes from it. You can also make individual cakes before baking. Now give it time to cool down ( the cakes will be not so runny than ). And your done. 
Now you must just find a solution how to bring it to holiday table without arguing with your grandma.

* this is ready to bake, or eat-with-a-spoon, product. It contains grounded poppy seeds with honey, mixed dry fruits ( as raisins ) and nuts. But you can use dry poppy seeds, drained with water over a night, then boiled in water or milk, grounded, mixed with honey,nuts, dry fruits and some eggs. But for specific recipe you must search other food blogs or wait until i will make it this way ;)

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  1. Gorgeous! I am happy to find such a lovely and unique recipe. Happy to find your sweet blog too! Thanks!