piątek, 19 marca 2010

Nutty, homemade ricotta cheese

                        Homemade things are wonderful. Even though today you can buy anything, there is something really great and heart-warming in doing it by yourself. Puff pastry, ketchup, pita's breads, pickles... there are many, many options for someone who is looking for real flavor. But among all those things there is one I love everytime - homemade cheeses. And among all kind in the world I am the biggest sucker for RICOTTA. Smooth, little sweet, little salty it's delicious cheese for spread your fresh baked bread, spinach gnocci or just for eating it straight from the jar ( number one option for me ).
These time I wanted something with a twist. I used argan oil, which my aunt brought me from Turkey, maple syrup and some mixed nuts for deep, nutty flavor.

Homemade Ricotta Cheese with smoky, nutty twist:

1 liter of full fat milk
1 lemon, juiced
1-2 tablespoon of sweet cream
1 teaspoon of argan oil ( you could use some nut oil also )
2-3 teaspoons of maple syrup
1/2 teaspoon of sea salt
some nuts for spread 

optional you can use some white pepper to make your ricotta hotter ;)

Heat your milk slowly until it almost start to boil. Turn off the heat and add lemon juice. Mix with spoon and heat again just for few seconds. Remove your milk form the heat and pour into cheesecloth placed over a stainer. Now - it depends how runny cheese you like. I give my cheese 20 minutes. 
Take a bowl and put your cheese in it, mix with sweet cream. Now time for some flavor. Add salt, maple syrup for balance and argan oil for smother texture. Spread with nuts if you like. 
Great alternative for New Your Bagel's spread. Or cheesecake. Or tortellini. Or whatever.

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  1. This sounds wonderful, I love the idea of adding maple syrup to the ricotta.

  2. I never tried making cheese before. This sounds simple and easy. I will give it a try!