środa, 5 maja 2010

IN SEASON - May: Asparagus Tasting Plate

I decided to do every month post about what is in season
For me seasonal eating is ideal situation - environment friendly, taste friendly. Unfortunately polish situation in veggies and fruits area is not that friendly. We can easily buy oranges from Israel, but do not have choice to choose different kinds of potatoes. Around the world there are tens, hundreds kinds of veggies, fruits, meats, but it is like we almost forgot about that. 
So - may. May, although still rainy and wet, came and welcomed us with arms full of amazing asparagus.
Tasting plate of asparagus

Here on a plate - asparagus cream soup with goat cheese. Asparagus terrine with zatar (spice mix, you can read about it here), simple steamed asparagus with farm butter and whole wheat crumble. And my favorite - Asparagus Napoleon with tortilla-based pastry.
Those will be not recipe kind of posts. Those will be post rather for inspire and to think about what in season. To look around at your local market and cook with best things you will find there. I hope you will like it.

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