środa, 12 maja 2010

Green peas filo cups

Green overload continue. After trying asparagus I attacked another veggie. This time green peas. Its sweet taste and smooth texture works very nice in almost any dish you would imagine. Think about classic risotto, cream soup, puree or savory tart. 
I am big baking addict so when I found, never used before, pastry - Filo - I knew I must buy it and try it.
Filo is ideal pastry for spring and summer baking. In winter we tend to eat more heavy and it's fine. But when spring hitting our doors we're searching for something lighter, something fresh and more delicate. This flaky pastry, on plate crunchy, melt in your mouth immediately.

Filo cups with ricotta-green peas filling

100-120 gram of frozen filo pastry (of course if you're so lucky to find fresh one USE IT!)
200-220 gram of green peas (could be canned or fresh, boiled before)
100 gram of cottage cheese
100 gram of ricotta cheese
some sea salt to taste, black pepper and favorite herbs (i use dry mint and some sesame seeds)
3-4 tablespoon of melted butter

Defrost filo using instruction from producer package. Preheat oven 180C/320F.
Blend until smooth green peas, both cheeses and season it with herbs. Now - tricky part : preparing filo cups. I use my muffin tins but any small, heatproof cups would works. Take one leaf of filo pastry - in size 5cm*5cm for 2,5cm bottom size muffin - grease lightly with butter one side, using brush (silicon are the best), and put into a muffing cup (buttered side up). Don't be too precise - messy edges will brown nicely in oven. Put one big teaspoon of filling into your filo cups and brush edges with butter (even easier with spray). Bake for 15-20 minutes until edges will be dark brown and your filling will be hard(but not until it will brown too much). Serve with sour cream.

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