piątek, 14 maja 2010

Crepes with creamy chicken filling

People are funny about their traditions. We can easily see ourselves as modern as you can imagine, but when it comes to traditions - we are very closed for changes. Of course we like (well, most of us)to explore, like to visit different places, meet new people, but just to some extend.
The same with the food. Home-connected food, to be exact. New tastes are amazing, but nothing can beat dishes from our homes.
Almost any stranger, asked randomly on a street, can name few, which could brings him some memories. But some dishes, not strong settled in past with one event or person, are more like a lifesaver. 
When we are in pain, we feel down and not want to do anything or see anybody. We can't remember when we taste them first time, who cook it for us, but we have special place in heart for those.

Since we just hit like 3rd or 4th week of non-stop raining I felt down today. So in that situation usually I had one solution - to cook something very tasty, very simple and very warm. Warming your body is first step to warming your heart - believe me.

Crepes with creamy chicken pate and barszcz( traditional polish beetroot clear soup)

For crepes:
2 eggs (I used farm ones)
3 tablespoon of melted butter
100 ml of sparkle water
150 ml of milk
200-220 gram of flour

For filling:
100 gram of cream cheese (could be one with herbs)
2 tablespoon of sour cream (if you can't find it in your country try thick Greek yogurt)
500-600 gram of cooked chicken (mine was leftover from making chicken broth)
one small onion
piece of bread, soaked in small amount of water (the best is not fresh one but 1-2 days old bread)
Spices - I use some sumac, salt, pepper and dry garlic flakes 

Start with making crepes. In high bowl mix (I whisk it with electric blender) eggs, flour, milk and water. Salt to taste and break taste with pinch of sugar. Now - do not be nervous about texture. Making crepes is very, very easy but it comes with a time. Try and see - add some milk or water if  batter is too thick. Add some flour if it's too runny. Don't panic.
Now take a nice 20-25 cm skillet and brush a little with butter and oil. You make your crapes on almost dry skillet. Again - don't panic. It is easy but you must be quick. Just pour batter ( I usually use 30-40 ml for one) and taking from a heat swirl your pan to cover its bottom. Put on a heat and cook until you can easily flip it on a second side. I use my hands - don't do it if you're sensitive or are freshman cook. I live in eastern Europe, I have asbestos hands.
After using all batter cover your crapes and set them aside.

Now - the filling. Chop onion and fry on 1-2 tablespoon of butter until it will be soft. Add chopped chicken, season it with spices and fry for another 1-2 minutes. Cool down. Using blender mix soaked bread, chicken, onion, cream cheese and sour cream. You want to get nice, smooth texture of unbaked pate, but do not over do it. It's not soup.
Put one, big tablespoon of filling over a crepe. Roll in favorite shape. Serve cold or fry on a butter and serve hot. Best with homemade barszcz

So what - doesn't you feel better know? I told you so.

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