piątek, 9 lipca 2010

Smelly cheese and wonderful result

You know the times when you see something very tasty in your favorite market - something soo delicious, yet soo expensive that you always pass it, thinking about how you actually do not need it. The truffles, very good, original Champagne, best Pecorino etc. 
Last week I was just doing some errand and I can't believed when I saw this cheese on sale - it was one of those real French cheeses, slightly smelly yet saying - i am soft and spicy inside, eat me!
So I did buy it.
And kinda regret it.
You see - closed into paper was lovely, but after opening - oh god - smell alert. At first I was thinking that something died. 
But you must understand that I am last person in a world who would throw food away. I knew I must to find some idea what to do with it - eating it fresh, on a bread, was not an option. Thankfully I found a solution.
One part ended up in a tart and some of it in this tasty, creamy soup.

Creamy zucchini soup and red onions marmalade:

Zucchini Cream:
2 big zucchinis
1 onion
2 cups of water or better - stock
100 gram of good soft cheese ( could be also some blue cheese if you prefer )
150 gram of full fat yoghurt
2 tablespoon of sour cream
4-5 sage leaves
butter, salt, pepper

Chop onion and fry until soft on a butter. Add chopped into slim slices zucchini and fry for 7-10 minutes. Pour water/stock into pan and cook until veggies will be soft. Add cheese. Take from a heat, cool a little and mix until smooth. In a cup mix sour cream with a yoghurt and add one tablespoon of soup to strong a mixture. Now you can add cream/yoghurt mixture to soup. Mix with a spoon well. Heat again but do not boil. And chopped sage leaves. Serve with bread and red onion marmalade.

Red Onions Marmalade:
3-4 red onions
2 tablespoon of butter
1 tablespoon of balsamico
1 tablespoon of brown sugar

In a pan heat a butter until it melt and add chopped nicely onions. Sprinkle with a sugar and fry until they will very soft. Add balsamico and fry for another 10 minutes until you get marmalade texture. Pour into jars and cool. Serve on a toasted bread or with a meat - best with chicken, turkey or other sweet-tasted meats.

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