niedziela, 18 lipca 2010

Macaron - if you can't buy it, bake it

I have done it. 
After many unsuccessful attempts I make ( eee almost ) good French Macaron. Well okey - it was semi-successful but still. The best ones I ever made.
This was my 4th - looking not so bad, I heard about dozens and dozens attempts from other bloggers, so I should be happy. But you know what make me still having the bitc* face while talking about those pretty pieces? The fact that 5th try was again bad. That's the "beauty" of Macaron - this is very hard even for trained cook. You can make them 100 times amazing and just perfect and then face the horrible 101 one. 

See those are not good enough - you can easily see those lumps and all imperfections. But as a plus I can count - having "the feet", good shell on the outside and chewy inside, good taste. All in all not bad for the first time.
The minus? I have no almond flour so I must make it from a scratch. Bad idea if you don't have blender - I have old fashioned hand-machine. Too lumpy. And i left the skins - second bad idea. So those pretty little dots on mine Macarons are not vanilla pieces as you, culinary smart readers can think. Ugly.
The filling was the simplest chocolate ganache

I use this recipe - i tell you this site is so great - read all 101 about both methods for Macarons.

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