środa, 9 czerwca 2010

IN SEASON JUNE - Rhubarb Tasting Plate

       In June I usually smiling like those strange women in city train, whose are talking to themselves, singing something loud and asking everybody about the strangest things. That is coz it is warm, it is sunny, it is holiday time. Even though I working and kind of studying I enjoy summer. In this time of year when you hit local market you can find wonderful flowers in full grace and tasty fruits. Ruby strawberries, peas in any shape, watermelons. But you can also find those weird, wood-like things. It is not fruit, it is not vegetable. It is rhubarb.
Its tart taste is amazing balanced in any dessert you would imagine. Just add some brown sugar, your favorite ice creams or add any fruit and you are at home. 
This month I served rhubarb three way - in tart pie with nut-crumble, as a marmalade with brown sugar served on toasted bread with old-goat cheese (I forget the name of this one) and mixed with red orange as a sherbet.

You can easily see how my sherbet said no for too long photoshoot. Melting alarm.

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